Classes - Summer 2014

To enroll: Call 425-368-2470.

  • Zero and Somebuddy's Adventure Children's Theatre
  • Ensembles
  • Musikgarten
  • Young Singers
  • Piano Classes
Zero and Somebuddy's Adventure Children's Theatre

Classes ongoing - they also offer special child's birthday adventure with Zero and Sombuddy's Clown Party! Each party includes a 30-minute clown comedy duo show with clown magic and juggling plus a Clowntoon! (Clowntoons are live-action cartoons, zany clown routines with audience participation and wacky physical comedy!) Each party package includes face painting by Somebuddy and Zero's twisted balloons. The Club House at Dee's Music Room is open Saturdays from 3:00 pm.
Call (425) 739-9433 to arrange a party. $175, plus $10 per hour room rental, and a $30 refundable cleaning deposit.

2012 Summer Drama Camps

Main Stage- For kids entering Grades 3-7 $180
  • "Cinderella" 9am-1pm July 16-20 (Bothell)
  • "The Time Machine" 2-6pm August 13-17 (Kirkland)
  • "7 Hobbits & other highly successful fairytales" 9-1:30pm Aug.20-24 (Bothell)

Stage Coach- For kids entering Grades 1-3 $180

  • Playmaking 9am-2 pm (4 days) July 9-12 (Bothell)
  • "The Emperor's New Clothes" 9-1pm July 30-Aug.3 (Bothell)
  • "Puss-n-Boots" 9:30am-1:30pm August 6-10 (Kirkland)

Beginning Stages- For kids Ages 4-6 $160

  • Princesses & Knights 9:30-12:30pm June 25-29 (Kirkland)
  • Zoom! Super Heroes 9am-noon July 23- July 27 (Bothell)
  • Splash! Pirates & Mermaids 9am-noon August 27- 31 (Bothell)

Piano, Violin, Vocal, or Guitar Ensembles

A great spring activity for friends who sing or play an instrument and want to play and perform songs together. Students from other teachers are welcome to participate. Special end of summer performance for parents will be scheduled in August. Schedule will flex with vacations, and ensemble groups will be announced mid-June.

One hour classes
$108 per month or $27 per week

Musikgarten Classes

Dee Sales, Instructor

Please see our Musikgarten page for full details! Or call us at 425-368-2470.

Young Singers!
Dee Sales, Director

Young Singers Classes! – Weekly classes start the week of  June 25th.   Afternoon and early evening rehearsals scheduled - rehearsal schedule distributed at first rehearsal Monday June 25th at 3:30PM.
Email Dee at for a spot for your student!

ALSO NEW! 4-5 yrs.Singing & Beginning Piano Combo
Twice a Week sessions, Starts July 10 Tu/Th 1-2PM 1-hr classes for 10 classes:  $240 includes materials.  $35 secures a spot!

Piano Class for 6 year olds. If your student likes to play games, and play instruments and play what they hear, and learn in a group without the pressure of one-on-one lessons. The registration is $55 (includes materials) and monthly tuition is $85 per month. That includes 4 lessons per month.

SUMMER Piano Camp!

Piano Class for 6 yr olds $90 per session includes 5 hour-long classes plus parent time. $55 deposit pays for book and CD.